Parents of Karate kids, Akshay Kumar has advice for you!

Rustom Akshay Kumar is always a Khiladi at heart! And he never disappoints his fans who come to him for advice. This time, the Rustom was asked by a father to advise him as his little daughter  was unable to remember her Karate moves. The child has recently joined the Taekwondo lessons:

The father was worried that the child keeps forgetting her moves and so he sought out the best guy to help him out, Akshay Kumar!

He is also a father of two very pretty kids and so he probably understood the anxiety of the father and decided to respond.

True to form Akshay Kumar replied and advised the father to continue with the exercises because soon she would be able to absorb the moves as her muscle memory develops. He also felt happy that the child started out early.

He also told the father that at five a child needs to understand a lot and through practice, she would attain perfection.

The words of advice earned the Rustom a lot of praise. Don’t forget to watch the Khiladi in action with young IPS officer recruits!

Hope the new papa in Bollywood Shahid Kapoor is taking notes from the Khiladi, just yesterday he was blessed with a daughter and would find this piece of advice rather useful!


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