Harry Potter fans will be able to relive the magic!

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Harry Potter fans are in for a treat!

The muggle world has been invited to relive the magic of the most famous fictional magician and his friends in the theaters near you.

In a posting on Facebook IMAX announced:

“Consider this your official acceptance to Hogwarts. Starting October 14, Harry Potter Week kicks off with all 8 movies in IMAX! Details: IMAX.com/HarryPotter

It also clarified that while the Harry Potters would be running, it still won’t affect the fans of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Movie”

” Hey, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Movie fans! Theatres will continue to put their tickets on sale throughout the week. If you don’t see showtimes near you, check back soon as more locations are added.”


This series is one of the most loved in India and is likely to raise the hopes of the fans in India. The series is about the fight between the good and evil forces in the wizarding world and the dilemma of a young boy who ‘lived’ despite the greatest and the deadliest wizard trying to kill him. The series is one of the best known in India and the movies did great business too.

In case you too are a fan and have always wondered why Potter won against Lord Voldemort, here is a theory put forward by none other than the writer J. K. Rowling:

Ever wondered Why Harry Potter won against Voldemort?