Meet Sultan’s love, the smashing Aarfa!

Anushka Sharma, Salman Khan, Sultan, Eid

New York, May 1, 2016: Anushka Sharma looks a fierce fighter in the second trailer of Sultan.

This is the second trailer after a power-packed tease of Haryana ka Sher Sulta and  it is high time that we get a a glimpse of Sultan ki Jaan – Aarfa!

Today is also the lovely girl’s birthday and her fans are actually in for a double treat as the trailer of Sultan just got released showing the actor kicking a punch and doing a dhobi pachad type stunt that will leave her fans breathless! The crisp trailer shows two sides of the love of Sultan, one in which she is doing her domestic duties and in the other where she is shown as beating her opponents in the wrestling field.

Aarfa looks like a perfect match for Sultan, played by the Sultan of Bollywood himself–Salman Khan!

“Wrestling is not a sport. It’s about fighting what lies within” is the tagline of the movie and it sure looks like a passionate affair!

To know more about the movie and the training that she went for, click on this link.

This is perhaps one of the most iconic roles of Anushka Sharma and she looks like that she is very much into the game and is enjoying it as well!

Will this movie be the best of her? Will with this movie finally come in the league of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone? We will find this out on Eid!

But yeah, what people would be wondering is that whether with this movie Salman Khan can finally claim the title of the most successful Khan in the history of Hindi films.

In recent times, Salman Khan as emerged as the darling of the nation, besides Akshay Kumar, through his charity Being Human and delivering hits after hits. His fans adore him and his haters cannot do anything without him.