Sachin A Billion Dreams: Check the amazing trailer here!

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New York, April 14, 2016: Sachin A Billion Dreams, the movie on the life of the God on cricket is making all the right noises. The inspiring official traitor has people feeling the nostalgia when Sachin Tendulkar used to be the hope of Indian cricket.

Check the trailer here:

Releasing the trailer Sachin Tendulkar wrote:

“A journey made special by your support and wishes.”

The film is being also promoted by Harbhajan Singh and another star cricketer Yuvraj Singh who were the first ones to share this trailer.

Directed by James Erskine, Sachin A Billion Dreams has the music by maestro A.R.Rahman! Isn’t that a treat for any fan?

The trailer of the movie is extremely passionate and shows the God of Cricket as the ‘virtuous’ man who became the hopes of the billions in this country. But this is not the reason why our Tendulkar became the star; let’s not forget his modesty, his hardwork, and his connect with the masses who still are in awe of this one man.

Sachin’s movie trailer seems to shed light on the child Tendulkar who was wild but was determined enough to pursue his dream. Famous stories  around the star cricketer, like the one in which he used to collect coins which used to be placed on to the cricket stumps when he used to go out for batting by his teacher are the stuff that the legends are made of. In case he used to stay not-out post his batting, then only he was to collect those coins.

And he used to collect them! Do we need to say anything further? It is not everyday that a Sachin Tendulkar is born, it is not everyday that a movie attempts to bring two of the greatest Indian icons of our times, A.R. Rahman and of course our God of Cricket decide to come together. So let’s celebrate both this season by watching the movie.