When Neha Kakkar hated being a celebrity

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Neha Kakkar had a really bad experience recently when she was out performing for a wedding. She has a rule to not perform for weddings and prefers only pre-wedding events but made an exception this time and this is what happened in Neha Kakkar’s own words:

Such a Sad thing.. When you’re a Celebrity people Don’t take you as a Human being, for them you’re just a Puppet.. Was performing for a Wedding today though we always say No to Wedding Day Gigs, We do Pre Weddings.. So today the event company fooled us by saying it’s a Pre Wedding Gig when I landed they told us it’s the Wedding Day only.. So anyway I had to perform since we had already promised.. After being Unwell I performed for 60 mins and gave my 100% after 60 mins I coudnt perform more and came down, told the organiser that I’m not feeling well I’ve to leave, they said You Cannot Move from here until you Perform More.. I told those people I’m sorry I won’t be able to perform more, I’m not in a condition to perform but they all Kept on Clicking Pics with Me even after knowing the fact that I’m not well and I had to go on stage again and then I broke down on stage itself.. Coudnt control my tears.. Regretted being a celebrity for a sec. today….. I know whatever I am today it’s because of You guys.. But don’t I deserve a break when I’m not well? 😢

Neha Kakkar gets support from music fraternity:

Armaan Malik and other consoled the artist after she poured her heart. He told singer Neha Kakkar:

Seriously take a break. I completely understand and feel you. It’s enough. We’ve had enough of Only thinking and doing things for and according to others. Do something for you.. you only get your life once

Tony Kakkar was also worried and said to Neha Kakkar:

Oh it broke my heart 💔 Feeling so restless hearing this nehu bachcha.

Wacky.J told Neha Kakkar: Organizers Should Feel bad About it Not You or Your Fans!

Organizers Should Feel bad About it Not You or Your Fans !
Fans Are crazy about You
Cant blame them!
Professional Team will never force You to Perform If you are Not Feeling Well. Its Sad How Greedy We are Nowaday

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