Bhavana molestation case : Prithviraj Sukumaran speaks up

Malayalam, actor Bhavana, Lal, Prithviraj Sukumaran

Malayalam actor Bhavana who was abducted when she was in a car on way to Kochi from Thissur has received support from the film fraternity. The case was reported on 17th February and it is said that Bhavana was being tracked by hooligans who later forced their entry into her car. The group then took objectionable photos and threatened Bhavana saying that if she went to police then they would circulate the pictures on social media. The mastermind of the crime is said to be her former driver. But the brave actor refused to be bullied and rushed to her director friend Lal who helped her get to the police. The abuse and abduction of Bhavana stunned Kerela and made national headlines as she is a big name in the Malayalam industry but it also shows the emboldened attitude of criminals in the state.

Prithviraj Sukumaran wrote a solidarity note for Bhavana:

Woke up today morning to the horrifying news that has by now been reported, misreported and sensationalised. As disturbing as it was, I refrained from saying something on what happened to one of the most beautiful girls I know because I knew whatever I or any one among our fraternity say, will only be fodder to click baits and TRP mongering. By now, all that can be said about the security of women in our “matriarchal/matrilineal” God’s own country has already been said. And a man who has to share the responsibility of a society that bears this shame, I hang my head! But please..the most we can collectively do at this to respect the guts of this girl. I was supposed to start work with her in a week, and she told me that she’d like not to come back in front of the camera so soon..and so is pulling out of the film. I know this girl..I know how brave she is…if it’s affected her enough to make her stay away from what she loves the most..I can only imagine how harrowing it must have been. Yes..please let us have an effective investigation in place and please let’s bring the bastards to justice asap..but please..let us also not allow celebrate someone else’s misfortune. WITH YOU MY FRIEND…will look forward to hanging with you as soon as you’re up to it..and who you are..and don’t let today dictate the rest of your life. Love always..Prithvi! 

But the big question is how and when will Bhavana get justice?

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