Sonu Nigam thrashes publication for condescending his singing

Sonu Nigam, Sister Teesha, film Singh Sahab the Great, contrversy, Dubai

Sonu Nigam took to Twitter to set record straight against a publication Mumbai Mirror that covered his recent Dubai visit.  The paper did a report titled ‘Crooning in Dubai’ and wrote:

WE hear that Sonu Nigam is spending a lot of time in Dubai these days. No, it’s not listless partying. Nigam’s too clever for that. He is, in fact, raking in the moolah. Now, don’t get any ideas. Rumour has it that the wealthy Sindhi brigade in UAE is delighted to have him light up their mehfils and Diwali taash parties with his stereophonic voice. And if this photograph is anything to go by, Nigam is not without his friends. Seen partying here with the singer are Smita Thackeray and some other high-rollers in DXB.

Not taking this kindly, the versatile Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam took the publication to task and wrote:

Dear @MumbaiMirror . I know u don’t think high of me, but please don’t jump to conclusions. Dubai, is where my brothers live. No moolah thus.

The singer also tweeted:

And @MumbaiMirror I don’t look at mehfil singing condescendingly, but darlings, that’s not my forte. Whatever happened 2 ethical reporting?

His fans were obviously left shocked after ‘condescending’ part was tweeted by the singer:

On a happy note though and unrelated to this piece of news, Sonu Nigam’s sister Teesha, who made her Bollywood singing debut with 2013 film Singh Sahab the Great, is another talent to watch out for and is gearing up to become another great Nigam. But can she become another Sonu Nigam? The fans will find it all out very soon!

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