What was the last wish of Priyanka Chopra’s grandmother?

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New Delhi, June 8, 2016: Priyanka Chopra is a brave woman and has stood tall in the  face of several set-backs. Her father, Late Ashok Chopra, passed away in 2013 after valiantly fighting cancer. Everyone knows that Priyanka was attached to her father who was also instrumental in shaping her destiny as one of the most iconic Indian women of our times.

Now, her maternal grandmother, Mary John, passed away a few days back leaving Priyanka heartbroken.

Priyanka Chopra was attached to her grandmother Mary John who was of Malyali descent and always showered glowing praises on her.

On her Instagram account Priyanka Chopra shared this pic and wrote:

“I will always remember you with that big smile on your face and the shine in your eyes.. Rest in Peace Nani . We love you.”


But due to religious reasons the last wish of Late Mary John could not be fulfilled.

Mary John wanted to be buried in her home town at Kumarakom.

To ensure that the last wish of her grandmother would be fulfilled, Priyanka Chopra, her mom Madhu Chopra and brother Sidharth Chopra reached Ponkunnam in the Kottayam district of India’s southern state Kerala.

The actor wanted to lay her maternal grandmother and give her a final resting place at the family tomb of the Church where once a young Mary John was baptized. This was what her grandmother wanted as her last wish. However, she was unable to get the last wishes of Mary John fulfilled as the Church authorities denied her funeral as Mary had married a Hindu man.

But, to much respite, as per a Times of India report, a funeral indeed took place at the St Thomas Yakobaya Church at Ponkunnam.

And like always the true champion, Priyanka Chopra is again back to her work.

Here is her photo from the shoot for the Emmy magazine:

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Indeed, this girl is an inspiration.