Veerappan trailer, Fan, Rajinikanth keep Ram Gopal Varma in news!

Ram Gopal Varma, Rajinikanth, Fan, Shahrukh Khan,Veerappan trailer

New York, April18, 2016: Ram Gopal Varma is back with Veerappan which is a crime-thriller on the life of India’s most notorious criminal of the same name who was a poacher and a sandalwood smuggler. Veerappan is the  Hindi remake of Kannada film ‘Killing Veerappan’ and the trailer is jaw-dropping and shows Ram Gopal Varma in his top form.

Here check the trailer:

The Indian government had to spent 734 crores to capture Veerappan. The government had searched for him for 20 years across the borders of 3 big states in a jungle spanning 16,000 square kilometres but he kept acing the cat and mouse game and plundered his way to infamy.

RGV’s movie is releasing on May 27,the same day when Anurag Kashyap’s Ramanraghav would also release. Anurag’s Ramanraghav is also a biopic on an infamous killer.

Post the trailer release Ram Gopal Varma tweeted:

After watching many saying- Just when we thought he’s dead,he’s back-This they r saying bout me and not about Veerappan.

Other than Veerappan, it seems it is Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan which is keeping Ram Gopal Varma hooked. Here is what he tweeted:

I am frustrated with the fans because they are leaving the power of a star and sitting in jungle book theatres..they are Gaddars of Power

And let’s not forget that he recently earned the ire of Rajinikanth when he tweeted unsavory comments on of India’s truly global icons. Here is what he tweeted:


Ram Gopal Varma, Rajinikanth, Fan, Shahrukh Khan,Veerappan trailer

He also tweeted:

Rajni sir is ultimate proof that no one can ever fucking know why the audience likes what in cinema?

Nowhere in world a man who looks like this can be SuperStar .I wonder what he did to God that God did this to him

He is a bad looker,doesn’t have 6 packs ,short with a disproportionate body n knows just 2 nd half dance movements

This man by being the biggest star ever completely destroys the notion of looks being important for stardom

But right after the counterattack of the Rajinikanth fans he explained:

Some superdumb fans of Rajnikant dint even realise that I was only complimenting the superstar