Coronavirus impact: Spitting man stares at death sentence in Saudi Arabia

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Coronavirus may claim another life as a  man is staring at a possible death sentence after he was caught spitting in a shopping mall in Hail, Saudi Arabia, Gulf News reported.

The man was arrested for spitting at trolleys amidst the Saudi battle to arrest Coronavirus cases. Already 25 people have lost their lives while there are some 900 cases in the Kingdom.

“His act is considered among major crimes,” the source said, according to Saudi online newspaper Ajel.

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Gulf News quotes its source saying that “this behaviour is religiously and legally condemned. It is regarded as imparting corruption by deliberately seeking to spread the coronavirus epidemic among members of society and stirring panic among them.”

Saudi Arabia has asked people to use the self-assessment service in MAWID application, or call 937 Center, 24/7.

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