Dubai: Security chief calls Pakistanis a threat to the gulf, tells citizens to not give them work

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Dhahi Khalfan, the Lieutenant General and Head Of General Security in Dubai, is one tough man when to comes to law-breaking Pakistanis.

The tweets reflect a growing anger at the advent of drugs in Dubai as Khalfan tweeted all this right after the Dubai authorities apprehended a group of Pakistanis who were trying to smuggle drugs.

He also praised Indians, who he called disciplined and asked that why “disruption, crime, and smuggling are prevalent in the Pakistani community?”

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Khalfan also called upon the residents that do not provide any jobs to any Pakistanis and said that it is a national duty to not hire Pakistanis and said that ‘I tell our people to not employ the Pakistanis’

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Khalfan started the tweet storm with this picture and wrote that the Pakistanis pose a major threat to gulf societies as they bring drugs to our countries. We must impose strict procedures at the entrance points:

Further, he advised the citizens that stopping the recruitment of Pakistani laborers  has become a nationalistic necessity:

Khalfan also wondered that why is it that the Indian community is disciplined? While sedition, criminality, and smuggling in the Pakistani community are rampant:

He closed his arguments stating that the authorities had to become strict with the Bangalis because of the criminal behavior. Pakistanis must be placed under an increased level of inspection.

Naturally, now, the Pakistanis are angry at the Lieutenant General and Head Of General Security in Dubai but he is unlikely to retract what he said.

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