Sweden’s Ambassador to Afghanistan under fire for glorifying Babur

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Tobias Thyberg is the ambassador of Sweden to Afghanistan and in one of his tweets, he hailed Mughal emperor Babur. He tweeted a picture showing this Mughal emperor in his capital Kabul “commanding that all religions and beliefs will be respected throughout his Mughal Empire.”

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When people started telling him that the Mughal emperor in question was far from secular, he advised commentators that “you can be religious and still respect other religions. Like Babur.”

In any case, he has refused to clarify further:

This may seem a little unsavory to many in India but let’s not forget that Indian history also hails the Mughal emperor Babur in a similar fashion. In any case, he is the ambassador of Sweden to Afghanistan and not India.

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But, still, a little more sensitivity and awareness would still, however, be good for Thyberg.

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