Afghans pelt stones on Friendship gate, burn Pakistani flag in support of Modi

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Pakistan has shut down the famous ‘Friendship gate’ that was made to stand the test of times in the Afghanistan-Pakistan relations. The gate was shut down after Afghans gathered around and pelted the gate with boulders and stones and burned down Pakistani flag.

The incident took place on Friday late evening when the Afghans gathered to celebrate 97th Independence Day and marched through the streets till the Af-Pak border.

They while raising slogans for Afghanistan were also carrying boards and placards condemning Pakistan and pelted the Friendship gate with stones and smashed the windows.

What made Afghans angry?

The reason behind this move was the Pakistani provocation of abusing Narendra Modi and doing a demonstration against him for speaking out against the atrocities in Balochistan, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The protesting Afghans denounced Pakistan, snatched the Pakistani national flag from the hands of a Pakistani protestor who was within their reach and burnt it down. These Pakistani protestors were at that time dispersing but stayed back seeing the Afghans coming towards the gate.

Afghan protestors also tried to barge inside the gate following which the Pakistani forces shut it down sensing the Afghan mood.

This report has also been carried by Pakistani newspaper Dawn.

Earlier, former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and Information Minister of Bangladesh Hasan Ul Haq Inu supported Narendra Modi and denounced the atrocities done against Baloch people.

Last year, with the reconstruction of Salma Dam, Afghan-Indian friendship has turned more vigorous. Here are some of the best tweets that show how Afghanistan has again fallen in love with India:

In short, India is on a strong pitch in Afghanistan despite Pakistan trying its best to show it in a bad light. Perhaps, it would be wise on the part of Pakistan to not send terrorists across the border if it is interested in winning over Afghans?

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