US President Donald Trump takes Snoop Dogg to task

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Rapper Snoop Dogg did a Lavender video which shows him aiming a toy gun at a joker who resembles Donald Trump.

The video BadBadNotGood, featuring Snoop Dogg shows the rapper aiming a toy pistol at a character parodying Donald Trump.

British journalist fired for calling for the assassination of Donald Trump?

The video made for laughs or to take potshots at Trump has not left the US President amused one bit who just took to Twitter to wonder what would have happened if it was President Obama who would be the target of this act. Jail time, answered the US President.

He also reminded the rapper of his failing career, all this in just one tweet all in Trump style:

This is the video by Snoop Dogg that has Donald Trump angry:

While many would not see this is as posing a major threat, yet ever since Trump rose to the top he has been a target of death threats/assassination threats from every quarter. America with a history of Presidential assassinations needs sanity to prevail.

Abraham LincolnJames Garfield,William McKinley and John F. Kennedy were the US presidents who were assassinated earlier.

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