Pakistanis divided over ‘Hijab’ for marks! Here are the top takes!

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If you are a girl in Pakistan then you can get extra marks. Punjab Higher Education Minister Raza Ali Gilani said that the girls who will cover their faces with Hijab will get extra 5 marks in the govt colleges.

His comments have Pakistanis largely supporting the move while many also had their own takes on the topic. But it is unclear what would boys get if they keep the beard but by and large even boys who do not keep beard are supporting the minister:

And they are unhappy when women say that Hijab should not impact grades or marks:

This guy believes that women must start wearing the garment so that the world stays in its limits:

Many see Hijab as a symbol of Islam and its influence in Pakistan:

While others believe that Pakistan being an Islamic nation should have this Islamic garment as part of the deal:

Sherry Rehman from PPP has hardly ever seen with a Hijab so her criticism is natural:

And then the iconic question…who is a Muslim? Can someone be a Muslim and oppose Hijab?

While others obviously had ummah (Muslims) in the West in the mind too who want to wear this Islamic garment:

Many dragged in Holi  and wondered why Hijab move should even be criticized:

But this girl wants government to focus on development and governance:

While this Pakistani lady felt that the entire debate is futile and shallow because knowing Quran is enough to get you 20 marks bonus in universities of Pakistan. So should we blame the social media for creating an outrage where none should exist?

Here is the perfect feminist take from the heart of Pakistan. Here this lady tells us that what men tell us may not be ‘divine:

But this guy had Iran on his mind. He felt that after Hijab, the women education curbs would be the next step:

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