Hindu man threatened for refusing to take back Temple desecration complaint

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Hindu man Ratan Kumar Shill is living under fear as he is being threatened by influential Muslim to take back a Hindu Temple desecration complaint.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) said that Md. Chiru Sardar(50) and Md. Ripon Sardar( 25 ) who belong to the village Dharmadi of Nagarkanda, District-Faridpur, are threatening the Hindu complainant Ratan Kumar Shill to withdraw a case filed at Nagarkanda Police station in connection with the Temple desecration.

Ratan Shill, the owner of the Hindu Temple had filed a general diary No.198 dated 13.12.2016 at Nagarkanda Police station for the protection of his life and properties because the perpetrators were continuously threatening the minority victim after they were able to procure a bail from the court.

Many newspapers carried this news and the victim Hindu man has appealed to BDMW to raise his case after the threats became unbearable.

Bangladesh Minority Watch communicated with the Superintendent of Police, Faridpur and Officer in Charge of Nagarkanda to request them to take the necessary protection of lives and properties of this Hindu family. BDMW is concerned about the safety of the man and his family as the men are from an influential Muslim community.

In November and December, many Hindu Temples were desecrated after rumor was spread that a Hindu man has committed blasphemy against Islam by imposing a picture of Hindu God Lord Shiva over Muslim holy place Kaba. Later it was found that the man charged with the allegation had no knowledge of it but to placate the Muslim sentiments he was made to apologize.

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