Major Leetul Gogoi explains why he had to tie a man to the jeep (video)

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Major Leetul Gogoi today told his side of the story.

Last month he was painted as the aggressor for tying a Kashmiri man to the jeep to escape a crowd of stone pelters.

Today, ANI news reported what the Major Leetul Gogoi was facing on the day. The Major also said that had he not tied the man to the jeep then “at least 12 or more would have died and there would have been many casualties.”

Gogoi told the media today that on April 9, he was told to check upon the security at a polling station in Budgam. He went there only to find out that the situation was highly sensitive and he barely managed to save the polling staff.

He took upon the responsibility of rescuing them but in the face of a mob of some 1,000 stone-pelters, it was a challenge.

Gogoi then added that then he spotted a person standing some 30 meters from his jeep alongside other stone pelters and asked his boys to catch him. Gogoi said that the man was instigating the crowd and ‘might have been the ringleader.’

The man tried to run away on his bike but was caught.

He then tied the man to the jeep and the crowd stopped pelting stones and he was able to finish his rescue.

In the course of the conversation, Major Leetul Gogoi also said that some 1,200 people surrounded the poll station and were trying to burn it with petrol bombs.

People including women and children were pelting stones from all sides from the top of the surrounding houses, further aggravating the bottleneck situation they were already in.

Major Leetul Gogoi is being lauded by many for using the presence of mind in handling such a tough situation.

Do you agree with Major Leetul Gogoi and his act?

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