BSF Submits Over 1500 Certificates of Organ Donation

BSF Organ Donation

No matter how hard or tough they may look from outside, but the Border Security Force (BSF) personnel have golden hearts. The force has handed over 1500 certificates of organ donation to J P Nadda, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare at a function organized in association with National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO).

Calling it a great initiative, Minister J P Nadda added,

Donating organs is akin to gifting a new life. Organ is a National Resource and not even one should be wasted. I, therefore, call upon all Indians to Pledge to Donate Organs after Death and save many precious lives. Let organ donation become a national movement and show to the world that even in death; we care for our fellow citizens and the humanity at large.

The Health Minister was concerned that due to the rapid increase in lifestyle-related diseases, demand for organs is expected to jump manifold in the future, and the nation needs many more initiatives similar to the BSF organ donation pledge to tackle the crisis.

Organ selling is a rampant practice in India, thanks to the involvement of several big hospitals in trafficking business. Recently, two employees of renowned Apollo hospital were held for running an organ trade in New Delhi. Many cases of organ trafficking are not even reported as the donors are lured with money to keep mum. The donors are mostly poor and illiterate who are duped by the doctors when they come for treatment.

The Ministry has launched a National Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Registry, and a 24×7 call center with toll-free helpline number 1800-114-770. Registering pledges for organ donation has been made easier as a dedicated website ( will provide updated information.

But, the minister clearly did not lay out any measures to curb the menace of illegal drug trafficking nor did he call for stricter laws which may have proved as a deterrent.

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