Kapil Sharma Is Receiving Enormous Hate Online, And For A Completely Stupid Reason!

India’s most-loved comedian Kapil Sharma, host of The Kapil Sharma Show is under fire on Facebook from some of his followers. The reasons for their hatred will probably astound, and even flummox most of us.

Kapil Sharma recently shared a photo on Facebook with Suhail Mohammed Al Zarooni from the royal family of Dubai. (Check the photo here)

While most of the fans -220K- liked the picture, it seemed that sentiments of a particular group were hurt.

One user went on to call Kapil “a cheap man” and “inhuman.” The reason: He did not write Mohammed in capital letters. See the post below.

Shocked? Surprised? Yes, we too are appalled. And even more saddening is the fact that people are liking this user’s post, and more of such posts are coming up.



But, Kapil Sharma, who rules over the hearts of millions of fans in India and abroad, found strong support very soon. While someone used the name of Mohammed to incite hatred, others including Muslims, came forward to defend the one who has always spread only happiness and smiles.

Read some very encouraging posts below.


While we believe that the reason for this hate is stupid and strongly condemn it, it was great to see the fans from all religions coming together in his support. This was yet another incident which has proved that no matter who incites hatred and in what form, if we use our rational thinking, then happiness will always succeed!

Love for Kapil Sharma has been growing by leaps and bounds every passing day. Fans cherish his style of humor, and The Kapil Sharma Show has become a weekend habit of almost every household.

Note: Names have been removed intentionally.

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