Railway Deploys 2670 Covid Care Beds at 9 Railway Stations

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New Delhi, April 27, 2021: The Ministry of Railways is meeting the State Governments’ demand for the facility of Covid Care beds in the coaches during the current raging second spell of the Covid pandemic with its fleet of 4000 coaches (retrofitted as isolation units) with a capacity of 64000 beds. Ministry of Railways stated yesterday that these facilities are seeing a steady intake registering a cumulative admission of 81 Covid patients and their subsequent discharge of 22 patients. None of the facilities have registered any casualties.

Covid care beds are already a need of the hour as the cases keep piling up.

Ministry of Railways gave the updated position of the utility of these coaches positioned at the nine major stations in the States of Delhi, UP, MP, and Maharashtra are as follows:

In Delhi, the Railway has catered to the full demand of State Governments’ demand for 75 Covid Care coaches with a capacity of 1200 beds. 50 coaches are positioned at Shakurbasti and 25 coaches at AnandVihar stations. Presently, 5 patients were admitted at Shakurbasti and one patient discharged. In the first Covid wave last year (2020), 857 patients were admitted and discharged at Shakurbasti facility.

In Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), the Railway has deployed 20 Isolation Coaches with a capacity of 292 beds. 3 patients were admitted and are presently utilising the facility.

In Nandrubar (Maharashtra), 24 Isolation Coaches with a capacity of 292 beds have been deployed. This facility has registered 73 admissions till date. Of the 55 patients’ admissions in the current Covid spell, 7 patients have been discharged. 4 new admissions were recorded during the day (26.4.2021). The Unit has 326 Covid care beds still available for Covid patients.

In UP, though coaches have not yet been requisitioned by State Govt, 10 coaches each are placed at Faizabad, Bhadohi, Varanasi, Bareli&Nazibabad totalling to a capacity of 800 Covid care beds (50 coaches).

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