Dia Mirza apologizes for Holi comment

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Actor Dia Mirza who was heavily trolled on social media for her Holi comments has tendered an unequivocal apology to those who were hurt by her comments.

Dia Mirza had in a tweet on 16th March said:

“The irony of the times we live in: farmers commit suicide due to drought and people waste water to ‘play’ #Holi.Go ahead call me anti-Hindu.”

Post this, people started lambasting the struggling actor for her tweet with some pointing out that more water is used in malls every day than on Holi while some advised her to use ‘lotas’ instead of flushing the toilet and heavn knows what else.

Dia Mirza was also branded an Adarsh Liberal who sees pollution in Diwali and water wastage in Holi but are fine with the festivals of other religions.

Many probably wouldn’t like that she got trolled but the fact is that her tweet itself was provocative and also unsavory.

The fact that she wrote ‘ Go ahead call me anti-Hindu’ indeed hurt the Hindu community. This also showed her arrogance or was it a failed attempt to get some airtime on mainstream television?

Whatever it was, it has backfired and that too terribly.

In most cases people do not take words of Bollywood actors too seriously at least not till the speaker is not an Aamir Khan or Shahrukh Khan.

And in recent times even these two sweethearts of India, Shahrukh and Aamir Khan, had to face the ire of the nation with Shahrukh’s Dilwale even flopping big time due to this.

But since Dia has no films or career  to boast of, therefore, she had nothing to lose with her half-baked arguments but there indeed was much to gain if her gamble of targeting Holi would have paid off.

Unfortunately, what Dia Mirza failed to see is that Holi is one of the festivals of rural India immersed in the Indian culture.

And also, Dia who claims to be speaking for farmers isn’t one! It is farmers who, ably represented by their leaders in the Indian Parliament, who should be heard here. If Dia Mirza wants herself to be called anti-Hindu or if she does not want to play Holi, then that is just her opinion.

If Dia Mirza wants to know what Holi means to farmers and rural India then she should get out of her comfort zone and visit the nearest village to see how Holi is played there and how this occasion is used by people to settle their differences. It is on Holi when the feeling of belonging is the strongest and even detractors become friends over a glass of thandai, color, and a hug. But perhaps, she has not either felt or seen this bonding. Also, being guilty over happiness is a sign of a mortified society and not a happy one and a society which is not happy cannot prosper.

It is one thing to be elite and quite another to rub ones views on another community. Now when the people have pointed at all these factors after her ‘call me anti-Hindu’ jibe she has come up with a gem:

“Lastly, the exchange of opinions, thoughts and ideas is what makes interacting with people on Twitter and other platforms of Social Media as engaging as it is. Let’s remain receptive to one another even when we choose to disagree.”

Perhaps, she is looking for an alternative career, but then she should take a tip or two from the likes of Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and others who focus on ‘doing’ first.

Get first-hand information first and then form an opinion Dia Mirza. Wishing you luck!