Donald Trump Presidency: India will be watching closely

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Donald Trump is now the President of the United States of America and for his supporters, he is the guy who will make American Great Again.

But for the first time in the Indo-US history, India will be watching an American President even more closely. His wooing of the Hindu groups, his anti-Islamic terrorism stance, his bashing of those who fund terror and his grouse with the Chinese on the South China Sea have been appreciated vastly in Indian circles. He has also sounded protectionist notes but that is something that India can handle well.

Donald Trump Presidency: Narendra Modi underlines the importance of the relationship

For now, what is needed is, shaping up Donald Trump’s perceptions even more. India needs to use every possible route to reach to the Trump team at every point to ensure that his attitude does not change.

Every President, when fresh in office, would take out time to assert himself. India needs to act during this phase and help Donald Trump understand the needs of South Asia and also the Chinese hegemony in the region. CPEC, Chinese punching of Mongolia (which the USA under Obama wrongly ignored), Chinese creation of white elephant projects in Sri Lanka, border incursions in India’s North East, and their acts against Vietnam and Japan must be presented with due force in front of the new president.

Narendra Modi must also take out time and work with his team to ensure that Donald Trump team is well-briefed and knows of Indian stances as India is likely to become USA’s major partner in arms in Asia.

The two leaders must work together in a coordinated way to ensure maximum benefits and Indian side must extend their invite to ensure that the US President Donald Trump visits India in the first few months of his presidency itself.

However, the focus of the relationship, especially the defence cooperation, should not be a wreck like Pakistan but the dragon next door. Pakistan spreads terror with the backing of China, therefore, it is the latter that must be brought to book and exposed extensively over its ties with dubious entities. If India and the USA can achieve this, then alone will the South Asia truly become a developed and a peaceful place.

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