Gau Rakshaks to face tough days, Modi government issues advisory

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With Narendra Modi breaking his silence on Gau Rakshaks, it was obvious that the cow vigilantes will face difficult times but with Hindu groups protesting hard, it was earlier thought that the government would backtrack.

The reverse just happened, right now, a while ago government has issued advisory stating it is for the:

” States/UTs on untoward incidents in the country on cattle in the disturbance of law and order by miscreants in the name of protection of Cow.”

In short, Narendra Modi government is serious and it was not what many were terming as ‘jumlebazi’ on the rotten eggs among some cow vigilantes.

While conceding that cow protection is an emotional issue the advisory states that:

“No person under any circumstance can take law in their hands’ and also that no one is entitled to take action on their own to prevent the alleged slaughter or punish the alleged wrong doers.

To read the full advisory, click here.

The Narendra Modi Effect

Hurt by continued attacks on Dalits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had issued a passionate appeal asking people to attack him but not Dalits.

In one quick stroke, he silenced those who were worried about rights of Dalits under his government. But many also say that this shows that Narendra Modi succumbs to media criticism easily and needs to have a thicker skin. With this has the cow politics come to an end?

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