Why Sushma Swaraj is becoming target of silly tweets?

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So today it happened again. Sushma Swaraj was today asked for help by one man named Babu S who complained to her, in his own words, that:

My Brand New Car Volkswagen Jetta.Always Fear To Drive In Road.Because Spread Out White Smoke Heavy From Exhaust Pipe. Help @SushmaSwaraj.

To this, the Sushma Swaraj replied politely that she was sorry and to take the car to a workshop. This she did after retweeting his woe that has no connection with either her or her ministry. How can we Indians become so careless? Or is it actually about getting two minutes of fame?

Earlier, we had the case of a guy on Twitter named Mirza Sultan who wanted to send his girlfriend to India without a passport and pretty sure that if Sushma Swaraj wouldn’t have replied then people would have hounded her for an answer for sure!

And, we, of course, know by now the case of the guy who was traveling without his wife because the wife just lost her passport two days prior to their departure!

And yeah, do you remember that Fridge tweet in which a guy wanted Sushma Swaraj to help him fix his refrigerator?

The question is that why is she becoming a prime target of needless tweets? Is it that Sushma Swaraj is considered a patient person so anyone can tag her and demand her attention just like that? There are cases when she did not respond to such tweets and ruckus has been created on Twitter alleging that the government likes to only show ‘achche din’ conveniently forgetting that she is responsible for only and only her ministry!

It shows that women ministers, if they are indulgent with their work, are unnecessarily drawn into situations that they can do little about. While we expect highest standards of work ethics from our ministers, shouldn’t we also make sure that we don’t abuse the power of social media? We may laugh on these tweets but we must also realize that it takes away precious time and focus of the minister in charge. Also, has any male minister also shown as much patience and endurance as Sushma Swaraj? Do share in case you know of any such incidents!