Government of India and Nagaland groups extend ceasefire for a year

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A Ceasefire is in operation between Government of India and National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Neopao Konyak/Kitovi) (NSCN/NK) and National Socialist Council of Nagaland/Reformation (NSCN/R).

It was decided to extend the Suspension of Operation with NSCN/NK and NSCN/R for a further period of one year with effect from 28th April, 2019 i.e., till 27th April, 2020. This was signed on 15th April, 2019 by Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs on behalf of Government of India and Jack Jimomi, Supervisor, GPRN/NSCN on behalf of NSCN/NK and by Dr. Amento Chishi, Supervisor & Toshi Longkumer, Secretary on behalf of NSCN/R.

National Socialist Council of Nagaland/K-Khango has also re-entered into a fresh Ceasefire Agreement with the Government of India with effect from 15th April, 2019 for a period of one year. The new Ceasefire Agreement and revised Ceasefire Ground Rules were signed by Satyendra Garg, JS, MHA on behalf of Government of India and Newell Naga, Supervisor & Michael Yeptho, Member on behalf of NSCN/K-Khango.

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