Railways: Reports about Hockey Players being mistreated false

Textile Minister Smriti Iran, Ministry of Railways Women Indian Hockey team, Railways women Hockey Team

The news reports which are doing rounds in the social media and other media outlets about the ill-treatment of Indian women’s hockey team are untrue.

Ministry of Railways in a statement has called the reports ‘false.’

The news reports had said that the Indian Women’s hockey team, after their return from Rio Olympics, were forced to sit on the floor while they were traveling from Ranchi to Rourkela via Bokaro-Allepey Express train.

This report and also the allegation that one of the TTs asked them to sit on the floor of the bogey of the train are false.

The Indian Railways has instead said that it checked and it was found out that the Hockey players, on reaching the Ranchi airport went to the station and took the train without any information to the Indian Railways, who would be in a better position to make appropriate arrangements for the players. However, when the players boarded the train with unconfirmed tickets, the TT took only 20 minutes to make seats available to them.

Further in the statement, the ministry of the Railways said:

The Hockey players hold no grudge against the Indian Railways and the same was communicated by them to the Indian Railways authorities. They also said that the players were in a hurry to meet their family members and hence preponed the plan which led to the confusion.

In recent times Indian government has issued numerous clarifications after it found several news reports to be reporting without concrete evidence.

Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Textiles in the same boat

Earlier, Smriti Irani was a target of a similar report after which the Ministry of Textiles went ahead and issued a rebuttal to the report that the Textile Minister Irani irked as secretary denies paying saree shopping bill worth lakhs.  The Ministry called the coverage ‘unethical.’



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