Not upset with Vishal Dadlani: Jain Muni Tarun Sagar

Tehseen Poonawalla, Jain Muni Tarun Sagar, Arvind Kejriwal, Vishal Dadlani, Jain Monk Tarun Sagar Maharaj, Kadve Pravachan

Jain Muni Tarun Sagar has said that he is not upset with Vishal Dadlani nor he knows what the singer said about him, prompting Vishal Dadlani to apologize, yet again:

Meanwhile, Jain Muni Tarun Sagar who is known for speaking his mind said that he believes that the improvement is needed at the top if the welfare of is on agenda.

He also said that goons and robbers have climbed the stairs of Assembly and Parliament, and therefore, he said, to give them moral lessons he goes to Assemblies when he gets invited.

Jain Muni Tarun Sagar said that to every action there is a reaction and said that the controversy did not bother him and said that all great personalities like Mahavir, Buddha and Krishna were also tormented.

He said jo ‘ninda usi ki hogi jo zinda hoga’ meaning one has to be alive to get the criticism.

He also said it does not worry him as to what Vishal Dadlani said and he also added that the Indian Constitution gives the right to freedom of expression to everyone.

You can hear Jain Muni Tarun Sagar here:

Stunned by the criticism Vishal Dadlani has quit active political work:

Tehseen Poonawalla refuses to apologize to Jain Muni Tarun Sagar

In fact, Tehseen Poonawalla kept on sticking to his stand and asked about the reaction had it been a Muslim cleric who had been invited. In short, he was playing the minority card against the Jain Muni. However, he failed to understand that Jain Muni Tarun Sagar is not merely a saint of a particular section, in fact, he also spoke up for clean politics and the honor that was saved by the young women in Rio Olympics. In one of his tweets he claimed that bhakts were abusing him and his wife as well:

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