Kanhaiya threatened girl who stopped him from urinating in public

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New Delhi, March 10, 2016: “Main tujhe dekh lunga” these were the words that the flavor of the season Kanhaiya Kumar allegedly said to a girl student who asked him to not urinate in the campus and use a toilet instead.

This latest incident that has come to light is one of the many controversies that the Kanhaiya Kumar has given birth to, including his recent comments on the Indian Army in which he had accused it of ‘raping Kashmiri women.’

Kanhaiya Kumar has emerged as the voice of Left and has become an icon for a section of society and has found favour with several politicians including Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after he delivered a speech post coming out of jail on a conditional bail. But these incidents may put them off.
Kanhaiya Kumar Arvind Kejriwal Urinate JNU

This incident occurred on June 10, 2015, when the girl told the youth leader to use a toilet but enraged by her comment he snapped and called the girl ‘psycho’ and ‘mental’ and boasted that it was his hostel. He also threatened her by saying that ‘main tujhe dekh lunga’ or ‘I will see you’ while stating that she could do whatever she felt like against him.

Post this, the girl student launched a complaint with the JNU administration and the youth leader was found guilty and a strict action was recommended. But keeping in mind his future and career, the vice chancellor hesitated to take strict action against Kanhaiya Kumar and he was fined Rs. 3000 only.

Earlier, Kanhaiya started a new controversy after which he accused the Indian Army for the rapes of the Kashmiri women.

In his address on the Women’s Day he had said that “No matter how much you try to stop us, we will speak up against human rights violations. We will raise our voice against AFSPA. While we have a lot of respect for our soldiers, we will still talk about the fact that in Kashmir women are raped by security personnel.”

Pic Credit: Zoom4India.com