Kashmiri Pandits angry with government, ask why ignore us?

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Angry with the all-party delegation that went to J&K today for not meeting them and not giving time for hearing their plight, the Kashmiri Pandits have said that they want a seperate union territory for their people so as to fully rehabilitate them and to stop unbridled violence against them. This demand was made yesterday by Panun Kashmir.

Agnishekha, convenor of Panun Kashmir, also warned the government to not to encourage separatists with the softer tones and said that their existence is at stake due to rejection of the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir.

Sounding angry, he even said that the nationalist forces are being kept out of the dialogue process.

He even said that this was Islamic radicalism and it would be wrong to surrender before it.

Government of India ignores Kashmiri Pandits

Kashmiri Pandit groups and supporters are angry at the shabby way that their woes and concerns are being treated by the Center:

The suggestion for a separate UT met with resounding yes from Kashmiri Pandit groups and those who sympathize with their cause:

Kashmiri Pandits are hurt as they have been neglected by the Center and the State government.

Meanwhile, today, hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits came out on streets to protest against the attack on Kupwara Kashmiri Pandit camp and employees posted in the valley.

Vinod Pandit of APMCC (All Parties Migrants Coordination Committee) also expressed his anger when he said that the delegation today went out to meet the ‘terrorists’ but ignored the ‘Indian citizens.’

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