Kathua rape and murder case takes sensational turn, inquiry panel rejects allegations against Jammu lawyers

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Kathua rape and murder case of a minor took a new and a sensational turn today when against odds the Bar Council of India’s inquiry panel rejected the allegations against lawyers of Jammu Bar Association who were accused of threatening victim child’s lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat or preventing the cops from filing charge-sheet in the court.

The Kathua victim’s lawyer had earlier alleged that she saw “how local lawyers stopped crime branch from filing charge-sheet.” She had further asked the agitating lawyers: “Why are you trying to protect the accused?Are they trying to satisfy an ulterior motive? They are saying that crime branch has not investigated properly.”

She had also said that the Jammu Bar Association President BS Salathia met her at the J&K High Court and openly extended threats and said ‘please don’t appear’.

The Kathua victim’s lawyer added: “He is now lying that I folded my hands and requested. Today, I have lost all my respect towards him. Due to the political circus that began the international media started taking interest in the case, however, it is unlikely that the twists and the turns in the case would get any space.”

Due to allegations, the lawyer of the Kathua victim was provided security as well.

 Kathua tragedy: Curious case of confusion

The Jammu lawyers and other agitators have been agitating to get the CBI to investigate the murder case as they suspect foul play in the inquiry. They often mixed their protests; for example they would demand the justice for the Kathua child victim and then also atatck government for allowing Rohingyas and Bangladeshis to stay in Jammu (they have been running this campaign for several months now) as well. Take a look at these tweets for instance:

During their agitations, they have always resorted to raising slogans in favour of India, in response to the pro-Pakistan sloganeering which unfortunately has been done even in the assembly, due to which a confusion has been created that their pro-India slogans were actually in favour of the alleged rapists as they belong to the ‘Hindu’ faith.

Bollywood and cartoonists just made the scenario worse as they merely added to the confusion. But let’s hope that the truth on Kathua comes out sooner.


Mufti versus Sonowal: Two Chief Ministers and their different approaches to heinous crimes

Meanwhile, as the twists and the turns in the case are going to continue, one thing has become clear that Mehbooba Mufti has been unable to stop the widening gulf between the Hindus and the Muslims in Jammu. She herself revealed the name of the victim while running a hashtag trend on social media which was unbecoming of a sitting Chief Minister. It is to be kept in mind, that Assam too had seen violent rapes during the same time, which too could have been used to milk political mileage, but the Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal maintained stoic silence while letting law get the accused proving that he is indeed leadership material, something Mufti has shown that she is clearly lacking.

Media reporting on the issue, both national and international, and the lack of in-depth reporting particularly on the TV, and jumping to conclusions on the social media must be pondered upon by each of us.

BJP Jammu unit too seems to have lost ground due to bumbling around the Kathua tragedy.

While the truth of the Kathua tragedy may take time to come out, it is important that a CBI inquiry is initiated soon so as to minimize the damage and to fill in the ever-widening gap between Hindus and Muslims.

But if only Mehbooba will relent.

Namta Gupta