“No doubt that Kerala will turn into Kashmir by the year 2021”

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Keezhalanchery Ratnakaran is the Chairman of Bharat KshethraBhumi SamrakshanaVedhi (KBSV Bharat). His organization is working tirelessly to reclaim deserted and destroyed Hindu Temples and raising awareness about the human rights issues of the Hindus in Kerala.

Here is an exclusive interview with Mr. Ratnakaran:

I saw your report about the threat that Swami Bharati Maharaj had to bear. Has the matter been resolved?

A police officer named Mohanadasan had intruded into Swami Bharati Maharaj’s Bhuvaneswari Ashram at Kondotty in Malappuram, Kerala and threatened him. Police have filed FIR and a criminal case registered on the person.

You work to reclaim Hindu Temples which have long been forgotten. How have your efforts been seen in Kerala by Hindu community?

Hindu community in Kerala just like all over Bharat is largely unaware of the barbaric destruction of Hindu Temples by Muslim invaders. We are working hard to bring awareness as also to help local Hindu communities rebuild these Temples. We have received good support from people in Kerala and throughout Bharat.

How many Temples have been reclaimed by your organization so far?

Till March 2017, we have been involved in protecting more than 41 Hindu Temples. Out of this 21 Hindu Temples are now affiliated with us.

There are some doubts raised by Hindu groups that Love Jihad cases take place in Kerala but they are seen as an attempt to polarize people. How do you see the situation?

There is an organized attempt to convert women of Hindu and Christian faith to followers of radical Islam. The ISIS recruitment in Kerala proves that it’s a reality and not just apprehensions.

There are also apprehensions that Hindus are now a minority in Kerala and face persecution. What do you think on that?

Hindus have faced persecution starting with Islamic invasion of Kerala by Tipu Sultan. Attacks on Hindus doesn’t have any correlation with numbers, it has been continuing for centuries.

Many youngsters from Kerala vanished to join the Islamic State. Your Twitter handle also said that Kerala will turn into Kashmir by 2021 and a forced exodus awaits Malappuram Hindus.

There is no doubt that Kerala will turn into Kashmir by the year 2021 if no remedial action taken. However, Hindus will act as per their Dharma to prevent the situation.

Do you have national ambitions for Temple reclamation? If yes, then from where would you like to start and why?

We would like to see every Temple in Bharat resurrecting and the Abode of our Gods returning to their pristine glory. We will do whatsoever possible towards this objective. However, we have no ambition to be the only organization doing so. We would like to see hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals reclaiming and rebuilding Hindu Temples across Bharat.

 What are your goals for the future?

We are part of the Dharmic movement to re-establish Hindu Rashtra. It’s not the government that will form a Hindu Rashtra, but the people. And the Dharmic movement has a goal of establishing Hindu Rashtra by the year 2024. We have the blessings of Our Gods, Our ancestors and the Sages who have always safeguarded Bharatvarsha.

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By Namta Gupta

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