Kiran Meghwar abduction brings Hindus on streets in Pakistan

Kiran Meghwar, Hindu girl, forced conversion, Pakistan

 New York, April 29, 2016: 13-years old Hindu girl Kiran Meghwar was produced before double bench of the Sindh High Court, Karachi, and was headed by justice Maulana Naimat ullah and Ahmed Ali Shaikh but the two failed to give her justice as happens on daily basis in Pakistan.

The judges didn’t hear any statement and sent Kiran Meghwar to the same kidnappers she wanted protection from.

The little girl Kiran Meghwar was weeping and clutched her mother and father probably hoping to get some solace from their embrace which the Pakistani judicial system did not give to her.

The lawyer of the Hindu community appealed to the judges that she was kidnapped and her parents had even lodged the FIR and the kidnapper, therefore, logically, should be arrested and Kiran Meghwar should be returned to the parents.

But not even one of the judges heard his pleas, Kiran Meghwar’s fate was sealed and this is all on expected lines. After Hindu lawyer continued to press the judges recommended a medical examination to ascertain the age of the child, but didn’t, throwing all legality to the winds, they sent Kiran Meghwar not to her parents or to a child shelter but to her kidnappers.

Kiran Meghwar  was abducted from her home at Hyderabad in March and after a month she has been declared a Muslim. Her age does not matter as paedophilia is considered an acceptable practice when the child at the other side is a non-Muslim.

Kiran Meghwar, Hindu girl, forced conversion, Pakistan


The Hindu community is fighting it out on the streets but Kiran Meghwar may not be that lucky after all, there are several like her, and they weren’t lucky either.

Like in the case of 8 years old Hindu girl Meena Kohli who is a victim of attempt to rape but was able to save herself only to be traumatized later as she found that her assaulter was out on bail.




Even a little Hindu girl Shazia Bheel, all of 5-years old was raped and killed by a man named Zahid Sheikh but there were no murmurs of protest from the society.




A few days ago the historical Hindu temple of Hutri Baypas was demolished by local land grabbers named Amabullah Brohi and Qadir Bux who  even demolished the residential houses of Hindu Bagri Community.

The Bagri community filed a petition before High Court against the aforesaid land grabber after which the High Court has asked SSP Hyderabad to conduct enquiry and provide protection to them. Nothing happened after that.




Kiran Meghwar case is not unique especially when the ruling party is considered secular. The Pakistan People’s Party has had long history of discriminating against Hindus.

A few days back a young girl of the Bheel Community ‪Pirma Bheel ‬was abducted by PPP workers from the village ‪‎Nikno Bheel‬ Talka Islamkot and was converted.

‎Bheel Intellectual Forum (BIF)‬ protested against the kidnappers on 15th April, 2016 and it was headed by BIF leaders Lajpat Bheel and  Bhagat Soroo at the bye pass road Mithi.

The Bheel community blocked the road for 4 hours when the Member of National Assembly ‎Faqeer Sher Muhammad Bilalani‬ came and promised to solve the matter within 2 days but later he went back on his words.

So what will be Kiran Meghwar’s fate? We know, but let’s not say.

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