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Thousands of Pakistani Hindus hit the streets to protest against demolition of houses (Video)

New Delhi, August 9, 2020: Pakistani Hindus of Bheel community hit the streets in thousands to protest against land grabbing initiated by police and other ‘influential’ people. The protest took place on August 5. Hundreds of families were forced out of their houses by Pakistani police in the latest land grabbing bid. Pakistan’s atrocities: ‘My […]

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Pakistan: Bheel groups protest against murder (Video)

Pakistan saw Bheel human rights and intellectual groups protesting against the murder of a Hindu man Rawto Bheel. The Hindu man Rawto Bheel’s murder came to light on December 30, 2016, but what angered the community was the lack of interest shown by the Pakistan police in apprehending the criminals. To show their anger, a protest demonstration […]