Thousands of Pakistani Hindus hit the streets to protest against demolition of houses (Video)

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New Delhi, August 9, 2020: Pakistani Hindus of Bheel community hit the streets in thousands to protest against land grabbing initiated by police and other ‘influential’ people. The protest took place on August 5.

Hundreds of families were forced out of their houses by Pakistani police in the latest land grabbing bid.

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The demolition drive by the Pakistani police took place in the Malanhore Khanji area and affected hundreds of impoverished Bheel families.

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This latest atrocity and subsequent corruption galvanized the Pakistani Hindus to hit the streets. While the march was led by veiled Hindu Bheel women, it also had the attendance of men and teenagers.

Bheel Intelectual Forum organized the march.

The Bheel community gathered at the Sadiq Faqir Degree College in Mithi and marched till the Fanario bus stop and held a protest against the demolition of their houses.

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By Namta Gupta