Shiva Temple built by a disabled Hindu man attacked in Pakistan

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By Namta Gupta

New Delhi, May 12, 2020: A disabled Hindu man named Ghameerio Bheel made a handsome white Temple for his Lord Shiva. The man who cannot walk and lives in meager means used last of his resources to make a small but exceptionally earthy and beautiful Shiva Temple for his community in Chachro, Tharparkar of Pakistan.

But the Nohri Muslims who live nearby could not see Ghameerio’s happiness and on May 11th, 2020, the Bheel Intellectual Forum informed that the beautiful white Shiva Temple has been destroyed.

Why did they do what they did?

To mock the gigantic effort of a humble Hindu man.

Ghameerio is hoping to rebuild the Temple for his Shiva again.

In another case, a young girl named Kavita Kumari was abducted and forced to convert to Islam by armed men of Sufi Pir Mian Javed who happens to be the nephew of another dreaded Sufi Pir Mian Mithu.

Due to religious persecution, Hindus of Pakistan are fleeing to India forcing India to enact a Citizenship Bill that many say is anti-Muslim as it takes into account only persecuted non-Muslim minorities of Muslim nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

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