Mohammed Shami posts pic with his wife, bigots troll again

Mohammed Shami, Indian cricketer, crikcet, India

Mohammed Shami, Indian cricketer had shared a picture with his wife, Hasin Jahan, on December 23, 2016, and all hell broke lose as the religious bigots trolled him for posting a picture where the wife had wore such deep neck.

Angered by hateful comments, Mohammed Shami later posted another status in which he said:

He had advised the bigots trolling him and advising him to follow Islam properly, that not everyone reaches the heights he has reached and that only the most fortunate enjoy this phase. He then wrote to the haters that ‘jalteee rahoooo’ meaning keep burning in Hindi.

Shami also said that his wife and his kid is his life and that he knows what to do and how to live well. He told the haters to look within to know how good we are. But it seems that the haters don’t understand this at all.

Mohammed Shami just posted the second picture with his wife:


He wished his fans a great New Year with a picture with his wife and a poetry celebrating togetherness and love. But there goes the bigot brigade trolling:

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It definitely shows that Mohammed Shami’s earlier message to the haters has done very little to dissuade them but it also means that Shami does not care for the religious troll packs on Facebook.

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