Pakistan: Number of Minority voters increase, Hindus lead

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Pakistan has seen an increase in the number of minority votes with the religious minorities reaching close to 3 million now.

13 districts in Sindh and 2 in Punjab have a significant presence of the minority votes., a Pakistani newspaper has reported that as per the document of the Election Commission of Pakistan, which the newspaper accessed, the number of minority votes today stands at 2.99 million — up from 2.77m which was the case before the 2013 general elections.

Hindus lead Pakistan minority numbers

Hindus in Pakistan are a dominating majority among the minorities and stand at 1.49 million out of the 2.99 million minority votes says the newspaper report. This is 50% approx of the total minority vote bank and gives them considerable sway in the political structure.

The total number of minority voters in Pakistan are:

Hindu 1,498,275: Sindh has maximum Hindu population with 1.39 million votes, Punjab has 73,152 Hindu voters, Balochistan has 22,766 Hindu voters, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 4,022Hindus while there are 586 Hindu votes in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and 188 in the Islamabad Capital Territory.

Christian 1,325,433: This community is the second largest one among the minorities with 1 million voters settled in Punjab, 209,083 settled in Sindh, 29,173 in Islamabad, 26,814 in KP, 16,279 in Balochistan and 1,345 settled in Fata.

Ahmadi 119,749: Population concentration for this religious minority is 101,156 in Punjab, 14,855 in Sindh, 2,134 in Islamabad, 1,140 in KP, 451 in Balochistan and 13 in Fata.

Sikh 6,193: Out of which 2,597 live in KP, 1,477 in Sindh, 1,157 in Punjab, 730 in Fata, 225 in Balochistan and seven in Islamabad.

Parsi 3,743:  2,487 are in Sindh, 723 belong to KP, 254 to Punjab, 250 to Balochistan, 16 to Fata and 13 to Islamabad.

Buddhist 1,643: most live in Sindh and Punjab

Other communities 42,805

Total 2,997,841

But the biggest revelation is that some, as per this news report, still profess the Jewish faith and that there are 900 Jews in Pakistan.

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