Salma Agha: Proud to be an Indian

Salma Agha, OIC, Sasha Agha, India, Hockey

New Delhi, May 25, 2016: She is in news for wanting an OCI card but Salma Agha is unperturbed!

In a response to a fan’s query on Twitter in which he inquired if she was facing any problems obtaining a Visa, the lovely actress replied that these were mere rumours and that she is very proud to be an Indian.

With this, she probably wanted to clarify the rumours that has been going around and also put a lid to apprehensions that she is a ‘Pakistani.’

Her daughter already made her debut with Aurangzeb and her son is also gearing up for a Bollywood career. Salma Agha herself has done a lot of work in India and if she would have had her way then she even wanted to help the Indian hockey as well. Read more about her here.

It is yet to be seen whether she gets an OIC or not, but it seems that as far as she is concerned, her nationality is Indian.

And this where Salma Agha settled her question of citizenship at once:

In short, the questions and the speculations are not going to bother our lovely Salma, she is busy with her life and is happy to be an Indian.