Ram Gopal Varma speaks on Pakistani artists slyly and he makes sense

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Ram Gopal Varma today spoke on the Pakistani artists living and making money in India.

After Salman Khan, Karan Johar, and Mahesh Bhatt, it was assumed that Ram Gopal Varma is likely to toe the line of the biggies. And yet he came out and sensibly took on the issue without any frills or vitriol only gently asking the Pakistani artists to take a stand.

Taking to Twitter, the director said that a country consists of all people and that we cannot separate soldiers from the businessmen, farmers, actors etc because the soldiers are fighting for everybody. He also said that if we are taking a stand against a country, then we should take a stand against everybody in that country and not limit to only soldiers and leaders.

Ram Gopal Varma also wrote:

It’s the businessmen,farmers, artistes etc everyone of that country who made that country what it is and not just its soldiers.It’s decision of their entire people to put such decision-making people into power..so they can’t be just innocent businessmen,farmers,actors etc.
And here is where Ram Gopal varma hit out at the Pakistani artists telling them to take a stand against Pakistan based terrorists who have designs on India:

So if they are here in whatever capacity,the least they should do is to either condemn or defend their own country and prove their honesty.

Their people whether they are businessmen or farmers or actors if they are not speaking against them it simply means that they are with them.

Below are all the tweets that the director made on this topic.



Ram Gopal Varma is rarely known for making such sensible statements. See what he was in the news for earlier:

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