Salma Agha happily says she is proud Indian, gets OCI card

Salma Agha, Sasha Agha Khan, OCI, Overseas Citizen of India, Aurangzeb, India, Pakistan

New Delhi, May 31, 2016: Salma Agha has finally got the much cherished OCI card which allows for a multiple entry life-long visa that enables its holder to have unlimited travel and stay in India.

Salma Agha had earlier said that she was not a Pakistani and that she has lived and worked in India for decades.

Sasha Agha Khan, her daughter, also worked with Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb.

The mother-daughter duo are known for their charming selves, but Salma Agha was in controversy when she tried to help Indian Hockey claiming she too was an Indian. However, it seems all of this is part of the past and now she joins the league of ex-Pakistani singer Adnan Sami who have made India their favourable destination.

It is also being heard in the corridors of power that many other Pakistani artists are considering to make a citizenship move as they find India to be a more stable and safe nation. However, this may not go down too well as they do not face any religious persecution in their country and are only here for economic stability.

India already is taking burden of population of Pakistani minorities such as Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Christians from Pakistan who fear for their lives and it cannot add Pakistani Muslims to the list.

The nation of India takes Muslims from Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Syria, Iran, and Palestine and has been gaining much goodwill through them, so it, in any case, does not need the Pakistani Muslims in its list.

Salma Agha is a unique case and she is still popular among the Indians

Her  daughter Sasha Agha Khan also met the Home Minister Rajnath Singh and was mighty impressed by him.