Owaisi called Salman Khan Har** ke pille: Salim Khan

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Salman Khan was abused and threatened with film boycott claims his father, writer Salim Khan.

Salim Khan was talking about Asaduddin Owaisi of Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) on his Twitter account.

He told his followers that a couple of days ago on Times Now, during a one on one debate about UCC (Uniform Civil Code) Nalin Kohli happened to ask Owaisi that he must be having women in his family… wife, sister and definitely a mother. Owaisi got almost violently offended by the statement.

He then spoke on the abuse that Salman Khan faced:

Flashback to January 2014 Salman went to Ahmedabad on invitation of Modiji to fly Kites. I had advised him to go. Owaisi got some of his followers together and said Ïss Haram ke pille ki Picture boycott karo” This is the language he uses for Muslims. I wanted to react and retaliate then but couldnt stoop to his level.

Owaisi is upset with Modiji and abuses Salman. Owaisi a self proclaimed leader of Muslims. God help the Muslims

Owaisi was angry with Salman Khan after the latter showed up at the Gujarat event. He even called for a boycott of his movie Jai Ho.

Here are his tweets:

He also said that triple talaq in one sitting is against the principles and some Muslims may misunderstand the Uniform Civil Code but then 33% Muslims live as minorities in countries where there is no personal or Islamic laws. yet they live in peace.

His words drew much criticism as he targeted the senior politician yet he stood steady on his words.

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