Calagary Zoo chooses ‘Hindu’ name for Red Panda cub! (Pic inside)

Calgary Zoo has chosen a pretty name for the cool Red Panda cub.

The zoo in a tweet stated that the ‘red panda cub, Udaya (a Hindu name meaning “Dawn”), makes her public debut today. This little firecracker was born in June and spent the summer bonding with her Mom, Sakura, in the nursery.’

Udaya is a Sanskrit name and is often used by Hindu parents for naming their children.

The Red Pandas are Herbivore and go by the scientific name Ailurus fulgens. These cute furry babies are also found in India’s Sikkim, Nepal’s Himalayan region and Myanmar.

Honestly, seeing this Red Panda cub is as heartwarming as seeing the rising sun so the name is just right!

As per the World Wildlife Fund, there are less than 10,000 red pandas left in the world.

Happy journey Udaya!

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