Qandeel Baloch has hots for Virat Kohli, targets Bangladesh

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She is back and How! Qandeel Baloch has professed her love for the Indian cricketer and the ex-boyfriend of Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli!

Virat Kohli needs no introduction and indeed has a huge female following but won’t we just love it in case he chooses to respond to this fan in particular?

In any case, she has become kind of popular in India too, a little like KRK, by her crazy antics!

Ever since Pakistan and Afridi’s men lost to India, Qandeel Baloch has started abusing Pakistani cricket team and has started professing love for India. Here is her latest tirade against Team Pakistan:


On her Facebook account the Paksitani girl also tried to explain her love for India:

I support ‪#‎teamindia‬ at least they dont consider me a traitor. All the way #teamindia I support and wish you well from all my heart Love ‪#‎kholi‬ btw. ‪#‎qandeelbaloch‬.

It has to be seen what would happen to her now as a few days back a young Pakistani cricket fan was arrested after he waved the Indian flag and he too was a fan of Virat Kohli!

Here is the picture that the Virat Kohli fan tweeted:


But that is not all; Qandeel’s love for Team India has reached dangerous levels now, this is what she wrote when India took on Bangladesh in the last match:


She seems unstoppable and unafraid and she has even targeted a Pakistani politician on Facebook:

Asif Ali Zardari, Qandeel Baloch, Virat Kohli, Shahid Afridi, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Cricket, T20, World cup


Qandeel’s tweets are not being taken seriously though, either by her fans or by her detractors with most telling her to stop tweeting and start working. But what they don’t realize is that she is already working towards a stable career. Who knows, which production house or Bollywood producer would give her a role?

There is certainly a method to her madness!