Rio 2016 Olympics: For India Isse Bada Kuch Nahi

Rio 2016 Olympics, Rio, Olympics, 2016, India, medals

New Delhi, April 28, 2016: Rio 2016 Olympics is round the corner and India is aiming to get at least 10 medals this year! The sport stars are all set to go and take the dive into the Mahakumbh of sports!

So no wonders Twitter is busy trending #IsseBadaKuchnahi or nothing is bigger than this!

What makes this year special is that India is all so-confident and is extremely positive with its quality of sportstars who have been selected to participate in this tournament.

Of course, something as big as the Rio 2016 Olympics this is not without controversies and Salman Khan’s appointment as the goodwill ambassador of the Indian Olympic contingent has already stoked one major one already with ace writer Salim Khan, Raza Murad and so many other personalities throwing their weight behind the actor. This was really bad especially when the Indian contingent needs all of us together rooting for it but it is understandable that Milkha Singh, Yogeshwar Dutt and otehrs who objected had relevant point too; really what has Salman Khan done for the sports in particular?


Rio 2016 Olympics, Rio, Olympics, 2016, India, medals


Nothing! But as Salim Khan said that it is not Salman-the actor, but what he represents- a powerful and recognized film industry that has global presence, which is putting its weight behind the sports contingent that will make the difference and help our sportstars get more limelight when they head out to Rio 2016 Olympics!


Rio 2016 Olympics, Rio, Olympics, 2016, India, medals


We don’t know what medals they will win; but we want to tell them that no matter what, try your hardest and we stand by you!

Rio 2016 Olympics is a special time for all Indians and indeed a lot many would be present to cheer the Indian players but the real cheers will be heard when they make us proud. here don’t forget to watch this epic presentation on Rio 2016 Olympics and yes #IsseBadaKuchnahi.

Best of luck!