All-women Indian peacekeeping unit earns laurels

Women empowerment

New Delhi, February 13, 2016: India continues to win more friends all thanks to its commitment towards ensuring peace and stability.

The United Nation Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon is the latest one to have joined the list after he paid glowing tributes to the first ever all-female Formed Police Unit (FPU) deployed to a peacekeeping operation of the United Nations.

The 125 women strong unit is concluding its mission in Liberia after nine years with the personnel poised to return to India on 14th February 2016.

A statement by Ban Ki-Moon commended the role of the FPU in these words: “Through their unwavering performance, professionalism and discipline, including during the Ebola epidemic, these brave women gained the respect of both the Government and the Liberian people. “

Ban Ki Moon also lauded the unit for its contribution in creating an environment for the Government of Liberia to “assume fully its security responsibilities by 30 June 2016, as mandated by the Security Council. Through their work, they managed criminality, deterred sexual and gender-based violence and helped rebuild safety and confidence among the population.”

The UN Secretary-General also praised the contribution of the Government of India, in support of United Nations peace operations calling it as ‘outstanding.’

The strong-worded applause is the testament to the fact, as highlighted by UN as well, that the deployment of more uniformed women personnel will aid in combating sexual exploitation and abuse.

Earlier too, Indian women peacekeepers were lauded by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s Special Representative Ellen Margrethe Løj for their outreach programs like self-defence training and computer classes which helped the Liberian women in developing their skills, in turn making them independent.

It should also be recalled that India was the first country to commit an all-female police unit to a UN peacekeeping mission and has been participating in UN missions in different parts of the world.

Pic Credit: Twitter