Bangladesh: Perpetrators Attack Kali Temple

Dhaka, February 18, 2016: Violence against the Hindu community and its right to freedom of religion seems to have become a major issue in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) has reported that a Hindu temple has been attacked by the extremists in the country who also demolished Hindu God idols and desecrated the temple on 14 February 2016 at the village Pakutia of Mabud Nagar Area of Nagarpur Sub District of Tangail district.

Desecrated Hindu temple Bangladesh
Pic from the desecrated Hindu temple, Bangladesh.

So far the Bangladesh Police has failed to arrest any perpetrators responsible for this attack on the Hindu Pakutia Kali Temple.

Bangladesh Minority Watch has reported that as soon as it came to know about this attack on the Hindu temple via their source from Tangail it started gathering more information.

The human rights watchdog in a statement said:

Some unknown perpetrators unlawfully entered into the Kali Temple and demolished and cut away the head of Kali Mata and fled away. Police informed Bangladesh Minority Watch on query that a case No.11 dated 15.2.2016 under section 295/295A of Penal code has been started against no accused.

The case against the perpetrators has been lodged by a devotee at the temple Gopal Chandra Paul who was anguished at this recent desecration.
Bangladesh Minority Watch has expressed concern on this attack on the Kali Temple and desecration of the Hindu deities and has demanded an immediate arrest of the perpetrators responsible for the crime against the Hindu religion.

It has also demanded that the demolished Murthis of the deities should be re-constructed by the government.

The scale of violence against Hindu community is increasing by the day with law enforcement failing to bring to justice the perpetrators who are religiously motivated.

Many Hindus from Bangladesh have also fled to India citing religious persecution as an issue in the country.