China shamefully pats itself again on blocking UN resolution against Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar

Corporal Li Lei, Masood Azhar, Pakistan, UN resolution, China, India, France

China which is responsible for safekeeping Pakistani terrorist Massod Azhar in the UN has again chosen to preach on the need of forging consensus.’ The nation, known in the world for unilateral stances perhaps could not even see the irony in the statements that it issues.

China Foreign Ministry today was quoted by ANI News as having said that it regrets parties havent yet forged consensus and that it would like to see the continuation of communication between the parties concerned.

It shamelessly also suggested that the block was put so that parties could discuss over the issue.

China also took umbrage over the usage of the word block saying that the issue will be processed by 1267 Comm based on solid evidence.

Chinese help for Masood Azhar is not new as it has provided the arms to terrorists across the world. In South Sudan, its own soldiers faced the music when Chinese arms were used by rebels to launch an attack on peacekeeping forces resulting in the death of Chinese soldier. So it is advisable for China to not sugarcoat its pro-terrorism policy. No one is getting fooled now besides India has the support of France and other nations to bring Masood Azhar to justice.

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