Sri Lanka: Violence all around as Christian mob clashes with Muslims, Cardinal says ban liquor

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An unprecedented violence Sri Lanka again when a Christian mob, comprising mostly of Catholics, chased Muslims and attacked their homes and shops.

Due to fresh escalation between Christians and Muslims, social media clampdown was initiated by the government with Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, issuing a statement saying that those affected will get compensation.

Two men have already been arrested but the situation remains tense, a source told

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These recent clashes took place at the St Sebastian’s church in Negombo, where one of the most devastating Easter bombings took place that brutally took the lives of some 250 innocents. Several local Muslims were found to be involved in these bombings and trouble has been brewing in this coastal paradise ever since. Sri Lanka has already expelled 600 foreigners including 200 Muslim clerics and preachers in a clampdown on radicalism.

Several Muslim shops, vehicles and even homes have been vandalized in small skirmishes ever since the Easter terrorist attack. But the most recent mob violence has escalated so out of control that extra troops were deployed to maintain peace.

Mandatory Islamic prayers, principal asks non-Muslim students to embrace Islam

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo has also asked the government to consider imposing a ban on liquor to maintain peace while asking Christians to maintain peace with the Muslims.

Sri Lankan Hindus have denounced the terrorist attack on Christians while the Indian government and many others have offered full help to Sri Lanka.

Namta Gupta