Sri Lankan Hindus denounce terrorist attack on Christian holy places

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As Sri Lanka mourns its dead and the world watches in shock, the Sri Lankan Hindus have come forward to condemn terror attacks on the Christian community.

In a press note, Siva Senai founder Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan condemned the violent terror attacks in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa and termed it unacceptable to the Saivaites of Sri Lanka.

He said that ‘we condemn these attacks outright.’

Further elaborating he said that ‘we Saiva Tamils denounce any attack in any form in places of worship of our Christian brothers to whom we have high respect, regard and unbounded love as fellow citizens of this land. The Easter Friday followed by resurrection Sunday 21.04.2019 are days for prayer worship and meditation. To launch an attack such pious and holy days to harm hundreds of innocent worshippers and to take the lives of many is condemnable. Saiva Tamil world does not accept such disastrous barbarous acts.’

Tamil Hindus are mostly Saivites or the worshipers of Lord Shiva.

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Siva Senai founder says that ‘we Saivites express out heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. We pray for the early recovery of those injured. We pray to Lord Shiva to shower his holiest blessings towards relief at a time of your hour of deep grief.’

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