Singapore: Controversy erupts on Christian man preaching the gospel to minor Muslim children

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Singapore was left in shock after a video of a ‘Chinese’ Christian man preaching the gospel to a group of Muslim students went viral on social media. The user has since removed the video.

Facebook user Zilsham Sam Yp claimed that the incident took place on 15th March at Clementi Avenue 5.

In the video, the Christian is seen explaining Christian virtues to the students as he tells them about how Jesus Christ died for the sins of mankind. When children question him, he tells them that due to Sin, death happens and that Jesus sacrificed himself for others.

In the video, the man then tells the students to recite a prayer to seek salvation.

One boy then recites the entire prayer with the man.

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Zilsham Sam Yp while sharing the video wrote that be watchful as Christian Missionary is preaching to Muslim Malay children in Singapore.

He then wrote that ‘may our children be strong and preserved from their (Missionary’s) appeal.’

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In 2009, Singapore convicted a Christian couple for distributing evangelical publications that cast Islam in a negative light. Police have already begun an investigation on the recent case.